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Secure Mobility

Ring Gold surpasses its competitors in meeting the standards of what a private security company offers in the industry today. Our values are in place to uphold very high ethical standards across the board from our management to the field officers in all areas of activity. As a security provider, we provide much more than deter, detect and report. This along with our level of professionalism has helped us maintain our high standards and level of respect in our industry.

We also offer Driver Management Services to organizations that wish to reduce valuable man-hours that would otherwise have been expended by their Human Resources department on the management of drivers, so that they can focus more attention on personnel engaged in core activities of the organization.

Protocol Services

Our protocol service guiding clients from airport entrance through immigration and various security check points.

Secure Mobility

We provide this service to enhance client security, especially in regions of Nigeria with high security risk concerns.

Secure Drivers

We have a team of experienced and professional drivers who are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service.

Other Services: Secure Mobility Services, Protocol Services, Secure Mobility, Risk Management, Police Security Drivers, Armed Escorts, High-Risk Zone Security, Executive Protection, and Central Monitoring Station.

Revenue Management

Ring Gold Integrated Systems, along with its associates, adopt process automation to solve issues that arise with levy collection. We are a professional establishment, and along with our affiliates, will bring expertise in enterprise system design and implementation, processes automation, general purpose and platform agnostic application development for organizations.

Waste Management

Ring Gold manage and treat several waste streams from the oil and gas as well as the private/public sector.

Different stages of activities in the oil and gas industry often impact negatively on the environment as significant amount of waste is generated. Hence, waste management is one of the major challenges facing the oil and gas industry. The challenges range from technological development to ensuring a clean and safe environment. Onshore and offshore operators have used a variety of methods to manage exploration and production wastes.

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